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Meet your host of the challenge, Martina! Martina is a kinesiologist at Livfit Studio and is passionate about helping others live a healthy life through positive fitness, nutrition, and mindset practices. Martina will be here to support you throughout this challenge and help with any questions you may have! You will have direct communication with her inside the private Facebook group (where this challenge will be hosted).


You will be guided through a meditation with Dr. Marissa Bentham (chiropractor and Mindfit expert at Backfit Clinic/Livfit Studio), learn about all the amazing impacts that meditation has on your brain and your entire body, and begin to implement a regular meditation practice into your daily routine, for as little as 10 minutes per day!


In this 21-Day Challenge you will walk away with:
- a stronger immune system & less chance of disease
- better decision making & problem solving
- better cognitive skills & creative thinking
- improved mood & emotional intelligence
- better focus throughout your day
- improved sense of well-being
-increased mental strength
- less depression & anxiety
- improved blood pressure
- better social connections
- better energy levels
- less inflammation
- more longevity
- less stress

The above are all proven scientific benefits of meditation, and we can't wait to help you experience these wonderful health benefits for yourself!

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